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Pottery Dinnerware
Our dinnerware is created in a variety of rich colors and textures. It is food safe, microwavable, and dishwasher safe. Custom orders are welcome.
Pottery Platters
Handmade Pottery Serving Platters
Art / Decorative Pottery Gifts
Decorative vessels and sculptures are created in a variety of lustres, satin finishes, matt finishes, stone glazes, and of course Raku techniques with brilliant flashes of metallic colors. Custom orders are welcome.
Raku Pottery
Raku pottery is produced by a Japanese firing technique that creates rich blacks, unexpected crackles, and wonderful metallic colors with brilliant flahes. Once you start collecting raku, it's hard to stop. Raku pottery is purely decorative and not suitable for holding liquids or food. It's the perfect gift.
Holiday Pottery Gifts
Holiday and special occasion gifts are available year-round. We can custom inscribe names and messages on many items with little extra cost.
Pottery Collectables
Ceramic and stoneware collectables are the perfect gift for any occasion